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This temple is about 8 k.m from my native village(Village Dalana Teh. Sunni,Distt. Shimla,H.P.). This is a very nice temple of Bhagwati Mata. It is situated at the top of hill.People of the surrounding area is having deep faith in the Bhagwati Mata. From there we can see nice view of nature.There is no habitation up to 5-6 K.M.from this temple.Road to this temple was constructed by Maharaja Har Inder Singh of Farid Kote in 1936. Mr. Basant Lal was the wazir of Bhajji State at that time.
Now yatry Saray has been constructed at the mandir premises. Devitees can stay there over night. Electricty is availavle there but drinking water is not there.Rain water is stored in tanks, but that is not safe for drinking ,
“Shali Mata Ji Temple is situated on mountain peak ( Shali Tiba or Tibba ( Tiba means peak ) or Shali Peak ) approximately at an altitude of 3000 – 3200 mtrs. It is a very famous ancient temple of Goddess Bhima Kali. The place provides a 360 degree panoramic view.One can easily see snow capped mountain ranges and nearby places such as Shimla, the planes of Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana etc on a clear day from the temple.

This is one of the untamed places full of natural beauty. A perfect place for people to visit the temple and enjoy a trek of around 8 – 10 Kilometers. It is around 50 to 60 kilometers from Shimla towards Naldehra / Mashobra. One need to take Busable road from Baldeyan ( on Shimla – Naldera highway ) towards Khatnol. The road takes one through the thick forests of Cedar / Oak trees. The journey is quite adventurous. The Bus road goes till Khatnol .The remaining journey ( 8 – 10 KM) is carried out on foot. Splendid vistas of mountains and thick forest makes this journey really pleasant and exciting. There are some shops on the way to purchase any eatables and local produce etc. however visitors are also advised to carry food and water ( one can find many natural water springs on the way to refill ) with them. Warm clothes are required during the trek.

Shali peak is also visible from Shimla, Ridge or Shimla Mall ( Scandal Point ) in the north east direction. You can enjoy the splendid view with Binoculars.
There are couple of small grounds ( one behind the temple and other below the temple) which can be used for camping purpose with the permission from Temple committee.

Camping gear to survive in temperature ranging from ( -15 degree to 10 degree Celsius ) is required and highly recommended.



You would not find any books or writings on the temple, but it is said that originally from Sarahan (Rampur) and around 400 years ago everyday one person was to be sacrificed in front of the Godess.

There is a story about a person named Badra and the story is around 400 years old, Back then a Brahmin of Dalana village named Badra came to village Shanui very near to sarahan, there he visited a house and saw an old lady crying while cooking meal. This made Badra curious, so he asked her for the reason behind her tears. “My son is going to be sacrificed today”, said the old lady. On seeing her tears and pain of losing her son, Badra smiled at her and pleasantly said “ Don’t worry Lady I will sacrifice myself on behalf of your son” and he kept his promise and went to the temple right on time and started praying in front of “Maa Kali”. There was Lion roars, thunderstorm, wind, rain and many illusions while he was praying to the goddess, but that was just a test and Badra very bravely passed the test. Maa Kali was very happy from his devotion so she came as a small girl in front of badra and asked him to make a wish which she was going to fulfill. Badra was very clear on what he had to ask and he did that he asked goddess to stop the human sacrifice forever, Maa kali simply smiled and granted him his wish and thereafter there was never a sacrifice made in the temple. After this incidence badra made a temple for Maa Kali in Dalna, which now is very popular and auspicious spot.


1 Bheema kaali maa always help and take care of her followers due to this fact the temple is known to many people across the country. Moreover many incidents took place with all the followers.

Long ago, when bheema kaali was going to karyali and after 3 kms she took a halt as because 2km far some farmers were ploughing . When she saw them working she dropped the idea of going and asked the lady named Dumti to go and ask them to leave the place without looking back. Dumti had to go 1km more and she turned back. As she turned back a violent storm came, Dumti died at the spot, Half of the earth was filled up by water and made a natural resource for the farmers there.After this incident Bheema Kaali Temple was constructed in Karyali as well. Every evening prayer is offered in the temple and near the resource as well as it is a blessing from Maa Kali.

2 One man of paragna chautha, prayed Maa to create a natural resources. Maa gave her a utensil full of water and an organism into it. She told him not to open the utensil till he reaches his place, but the man opened the utensil just to check the organism and to make sure his presence. As he opened the utincil , the utincil broke and created a natural resource of water there. In the summer, natural resource dries up.

3 One day two women went to the forest to cut the grass for their cattles and they were very thirsty . They prayed to Maa Kaali and Maa Kaali appeared in front of them in the form of the girl and asked them to drink water from the resource, but she warned them not to tell it to anyone, after some time, one woman told the whole story to her husband and this gave a very bad effect to her and her family. Second woman didn’t disclosed to any one and her family was very happy. After that they tried to find the resource but couldn’t trace it. This is a miracle of the Goddess herself and it tells us to listen to what she is saying.

There is yet another story about “Maharaja Faridkot”, Faridkot was very worried as he didn’t have any child and he offered prayers to maa Kaali for the child and due to his true worship he had a son. After that he went to Bheema kaali temple and constructed a 3 km road to temple. There are many examples of the followers who didn’t had a child, and after worshipping Maa Kaali they had a child.

Bheema Kaali is a very beautiful place where people come from across the places to offer love and worship to Maa Kali and it is said that whatever you ask for in the temple is granted.


The name is registered by Distt. Shimla year 1/2000 date 16/1/2001 Bheema Kaali temple Shaali (DALANA) Tehsil Sunni Shimla. 8kms away from the temple the arrangements have been made for the followers.

Bheema Kaali association request all the followers to send there donations on the registered office.

Every one can feel the effect of the strength of Maa Kaali on offering prayers.

Dinesh Kumar Sharma Village Dalana ( HOOL ) P.O Khatnol Teh Sunni Distt Shimla. The address of Maa Shali Temple, Shimla is Dalana Shimla

Q Where is Maa Shali Temple, Shimla ?

It's in Dalana Shimla

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